My Cat Fence

Cat Proof Fencing, keeping our cats safe and happy

Installing a SECUR-A-CAT Cat-Proofing Fencing System

Before installing the system we explained what we were planning to both neighbors. We emphasized the benefits of the system: Our cats would not use there gardens as litter trays, and would not get into fights with theirs; neither had any objections.

The installation of the system was pretty straight forward. Our garden has close board fencing. The post for this are spaced 10 feet apart. However the instructions recommend spacing the brackets every 12 to 15 feet. So we put a bracket every 1.5 lengths. Every other bracket had to be attached to the close board fence, rather than a fence post. The screw supplied were not quite the right size (they went out the other site) so we bough a few shorter screws for these.

After putting the brackets up to gage the neighbor’s reaction we found the brackets to be very noticeable. This was basically down to their color, shining silver steal. This was quickly fixed by using some matt dark green hammerite paint, which saw the brackets blend nicely into the background.

There are two time consuming parts to the installation; screwing the P clips to the top of the fence, and attaching the netting.

To speed up the P clipping section work between the brackets one by one. Go to the next bracket, pull the cable tights, and screw the P clip in. This will give you a nice straight line along between to the two brackets. Now attach the P clips to the rope, then pull tight against, and work along the section screwing them in.

The easiest way to get the netting on the brackets is to hang it on the top of the brackets, attaching 1 cable tie for each bracket length. Work along one side of the garden doing this and cut the netting. You can then walk along the length throwing the netting over the brackets ready for cable tying.

We had a couple of people help us with the cable tying as it was pretty time consuming. Took 3 people about 4 hours to do our garden, which is pretty big 140ft.